New Patients

1. Please make sure to complete your New Patient paperwork prior to your appointment. You may complete this online (preferably) or you can print and fill it out by hand and bring it to your appointment. This ensures the check in process is completed in a timely manner and patients can be seen on time.

2. Your insurance card.

3. A government-issued photo ID.

4. Cash, check, or credit card to pay for any co-payments or deductibles.

5. A list of your current medications and dosages (this includes over-the-counter medications, and all vitamins or supplements).

6. A copy of your previous health records if available.

After you have made your appointment then please make sure to fill out your new patient paperwork. This is  done online through your ADMD portal. 

All new patients are expected to arrive 15 minutes prior to their appointment start time in order to allow sufficient time to complete the check-in process. As a reminder, please have your patient paperwork completed prior to arrival.

Please note if you are a new patient review of old medical records and management is not included in your annual exam. 

Most insurance companies cover one wellness exam per year at no cost to the patient including certain tests to detect disease in early stages or to prevent disease.

Unfortunately, most insurance companies will not cover services unrelated to the physical and can choose to not cover the full cost of the office visit for separate health concerns discussed during an exam such as: addressing new or ongoing health problems (e.g. blood pressure, rash, back pain, UTI, etc), in-office procedures (wart destruction, ear wax removal,etc), laboratory tests for illness/injury or chronic conditions

Some examples of services or discussions that may not be covered in a physical examination: non scheduled but necessary immunizations (TB tests for work, etc), pathology or Pap tests not considered routine by your insurance, tests that are not normally needed due to a patient's age or health risk. Your doctor may recommend routine laboratory tests for health screening (like cholesterol, thyroid, complete blood count).  However your insurance plan may not cover these tests or may consider them as part of your deductible, and you may be billed for them.

Each insurance company decides what will be paid on a case-by-case basis, and decisions made cannot be predetermined by Thrive Medical Clinic. If you have questions about what is covered under your health insurance plan for routine physicals or wellness exams, please contact your insurance company or your Human Resources Department.

Any charges not considered as part of a routine physical or wellness exam will be billed separately and any items or services not covered will be billed to patient.

Thrive Medical Clinic apologizes for this inconvenience and appreciates your understanding that we must follow the insurance company billing guidelines in order to submit claims on behalf of our patients.

It is Thrive Medical Clinic policy that we do not prescribe chronic benzodiazepine or pain medications.  We are sorry for any inconvenience.

We kindly ask that for our BioTE patients, you complete your patient packet prior to your appointment as this will help ensure a smooth and timely appointment. Please print and fill out the forms according to the directions. Thank you for your cooperation.