State ID

Insurance card (if you have insurance)

Method of Payment

Previous records or prescription bottles are helpful for new visits 

For new patients please bring a copy of your completed New Patient registration forms which you can find on the New Patients section of our website

If you are a new patient please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment start time. This will allow you time to complete the paperwork and check in process in a timely manner.

All established patients should arrive 10 minutes prior to the scheduled appointment start time. This will allow adequate time to complete the check-in and payment process.

We make every effort to run on schedule and respect our patient's time and this is largely determined by everyone making an effort to arrive early to their appointments.


Please remember that scheduling an appointment involves reservation of your provider’s time specifically for you. If you fail to cancel or change an appointment 24 hours in advance, we cannot provide services for other patients who would like to be seen, often times, same day for urgent matters.

Appointments must be cancelled or rescheduled at least 24 hours in advance in order to avoid a Late Cancellation charge.

Patients who provide late cancellation or fail to show up for 2 or more appointments at any time during the course of treatment will be discharged from the practice. This is because it is difficult to provide quality care to patients who consistently miss and/or cancel their appointments.

The fee for late cancellation is $35

Any patient who shows up more than 15 minutes past their alloted time is subject to rescheduling the visit and a late cancellation fee. 

Follow-up appointments ensure the safety of patients who are continuing on medication maintenance therapy. The frequency of these appointments depends on your clinical condition and the medications utilized.

Our goal is to answer all incoming phone calls, however at times heavy call volumes may prevent us from answering your call in person. If you reach a recording, please leave a message that includes your name, date of birth, a brief description of the nature of the issue, and information on how to be contacted. Allow up to 24 business hours for a return call.

You can also reach us via Spruce. If you already have this downloaded on your phone and are connected with our clinic you can reach out there anytime. Or if you do not have access to Spruce you can use the green widget on the bottom right corner of your screen.

Basic questions regarding payment, insurance, and scheduling will be handled by our clinic staff. Most medical questions will be addressed by clinic staff after collaboration with your provider. You will be asked to schedule an appointment to discuss any medication concern or symptom worsening as medication changes will not be made over the phone.

If it becomes necessary to address your concern directly with your provider please be aware that these calls are limited to 5 minutes. Any calls greater than 5 minutes are subject to fees ($25 for each 5 minute increment following the first 5 minutes). This includes telephone consultations with family members.

In the event of an urgent medical matter outside of regular clinic hours you may contact the on-call clinician by calling the office and following the appropriate prompts on our telephone greeting. You will be connected with the voicemail box of the on-call clinician. Leave a brief message with your name, return phone number, and the nature of the emergency. You will receive a return telephone call promptly. If the matter is not urgent or emergent you may not receive a return call from the on-call provider.

Yes. Non-urgent (e.g. medication refills, scheduling, billing issues) may be addressed via e-mail or by leaving a voicemail message for the clinic staff.

Calls placed for non-emergency issues will result in being charged a $25 fee for after-hours care.

Additionally, if the matter is not urgent or emergent you may not receive a return call from the on-call provider.

In the event of a life-threatening emergency please call 911 or go to the nearest Emergency Department. Do not delay care by waiting for a response from our on-call provider.

Most major insurance companies are accepted. We are currently in network with:

  • Medicare
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield (NOT in network with HMO My Blue Health Plans - See Below)
  • Cigna 
  • United
  • Humana
  • Aetna 
  • Seton Health Plans
  • Sendero Ideal Care (Not Medicaid)
  • Seton Health Alliance effective 
  • WellMed
  • Multiplan
  • Oscar
  • Tricare East
  • Baylor Scott and White (CERTAIN PLANS ONLY, PLEASE CALL US TO CONFIRM) as of 10/2021
  • United Healthcare Marketplace plans effective 1/1/2022

    For full list see Insurances - Thrive Medical Clinic (

We are contractualy obligated to collect whatever payment a patient's insurance company has deemed due for services rendered. We charge nothing more and nothing less than what insurance deems acceptable for patient's visits.

If you are having financial difficulties, you are free to reach out to us at as we understand life happens and want to work with patients to get everyone as healthy and happy as possible. 

If a patient does not pay beyond 180 days, a $150 collection fee will be added to a patients bill.

You can contact us at for any billing questions. Please provide your first and last name, date of birth, and phone number in the body of your email.

Most insurance companies cover one wellness exam per year at no cost to the patient including certain tests to detect disease in early stages or to prevent disease.

Unfortunately, most insurance companies will not cover services unrelated to the physical and can choose to not cover the full cost of the office visit for separate health concerns discussed during an exam such as: addressing new or ongoing health problems (e.g. blood pressure, rash, back pain, UTI, etc), in-office procedures (wart destruction, ear wax removal,etc), laboratory tests for illness/injury or chronic conditions

Some examples of services or discussions that may not be covered in a physical examination: non scheduled but necessary immunizations (TB tests for work, etc), pathology or Pap tests not considered routine by your insurance, tests that are not normally needed due to a patient's age or health risk. Your doctor may recommend routine laboratory tests for health screening (like cholesterol, thyroid, complete blood count).  However your insurance plan may not cover these tests or may consider them as part of your deductible, and you may be billed for them.

Each insurance company decides what will be paid on a case-by-case basis, and decisions made cannot be predetermined by Thrive Medical Clinic. If you have questions about what is covered under your health insurance plan for routine physicals or wellness exams, please contact your insurance company or your Human Resources Department.

Any charges not considered as part of a routine physical or wellness exam will be billed separately and any items or services not covered will be billed to patient.

Thrive Medical Clinic apologizes for this inconvenience and appreciates your understanding that we must follow the insurance company billing guidelines in order to submit claims on behalf of our patients.

We will perform prior authorizations where appropriate but we ask you to remember that prior authorizations are a courtesy service. We make every effort to secure coverage for prescribed medications but it is ultimately your responsibility to contact your insurance company to determine which medications are covered or to request appeals for coverage decisions.

As of March 2021 we will no longer perform Prior Authorizations for any medications that can be obtained for less than $40 through GoodRX or your insurance provider. 

Refills must be requested at least 3 business days prior to running out of medication, this includes controlled substances. 


We have many options to request refills.

You may call our office at 512-697-7090 to speak with an associate or leave a voicemail.

You may text us using the Spruce widget on our website (the green widget in the bottom right hand corner of our website)

You may contact us using your Spruce app if you have already created an account.


Refill requests are not reviewed by your provider until the end of the business day so please plan accordingly. Under no circumstances will medications be refilled after hours, on weekends, or on holidays.

Medications will only be refilled for current patients who maintain their regularly scheduled appointments. Your request will be denied if you have not been seen within the follow-up time frame recommended by your provider. If you are overdue for follow up and in need of a refill please call to schedule an appointment; at that time your clinician may authorize a temporary refill. Temporary refills will not be granted for controlled substances.

Thrive Medical Clinic has always adhered to state and federal guidelines when it comes to prescribing controlled substances. This serves as a formal policy between Thrive Medical Clinic providers and patients.

Does Thrive Medical provide chronic pain medication with opiates?

No. Thrive Medical Clinic continues to not provide long term chronic pain medication with opiate medications.

What are controlled substances?

These are medications that are regulated by the federal government and can cause physical and mental dependence. There are strict restrictions on how they can be used or refilled. These medications are highly regulated by the DEA. Examples of controlled substances are Vicodin, Adderall, Xanax, Tesoterone to name just a few.

What is Thrive Medical Clinics Controlled substance policy? Any patient on a controlled substance:

-Will take the medication as prescribed and not share the medication with anyone.

-Keep regular follow up appointments with no more than 90 days between appointments for any refills of a controlled substance.

-Is subject to your treating physician reviewing state data to ensure that no other prescriber is also prescribing any similar controlled substances.

-Will be required to perform regular urine drug screenings (state law).

-Will inform our clinic if any other controlled substances are prescribed by any other medical practice.

-Will only receive refills at designated refill times. We will not provide any early refills, replace any lost or stolen medications.

-Is subject to a warning or dismissal from the clinic for any rude or demeaning behavior towards staff.

When Can I Get My Controlled Substance Refilled?

We refill controlled substances between Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm during regular business hours. No Controlled substance refills will occur after regular business hours. Any patient who routinely calls after hours requesting controlled substances to be refilled is subject to a warning or termination of medication.

What Will Lead to Dismissal from the Clinic?

Breaking the controlled substance rules as above can lead to a warning all the way to dismissal from the clinic. Selling or abusing any controlled substance provided by our clinic will lead to dismissal from the practice. Cursing, yelling, or threatening the staff will lead to dismissal from the clinic with no exceptions.

Absolutely no premature refills will be granted regardless of the circumstances (i.e., stolen, misplaced, mislaid, exceeding prescribed dosages, losing a handwritten prescription prior to filling, etc.). You must wait until the next eligible fill date to receive another prescription.

Thrive Medical Clinic follows state and federal recommendations regarding the use of urine toxicology screens to monitor controlled substances use. We order these screens prior to prescribing a controlled substance and randomly during the course of treatment. Refusal to consent to toxicology screens, the presence of nonprescribed or illicit substances, or the absence of prescribed medications in your sample will result in discontinuation of controlled substances and may result in termination of care.

Thrive Medical Clinic follows state and federal recommendations regarding prescribing any controlled substances. In May 2023, the federal and state regulations in regards to ADHD medications have been updated. As a result we will follow all of the federal and state guidelines in prescribing any controlled substances to our patients including ADHD medications.

Our clinic will NOT take over treatment of any patients ADHD medication who was being treated by an online or telemedicine ADHD / ADD group as of May 1, 2023. Patients who were using an online service to obtain their meds, will be referred to psychiatric face to face evaluation. Any patient to was being treated by a psychiatrist or other physician via face-to-face visits, we will have to obtain the records before potentially taking over any ADHD medications from these providers.

Read about COVID-19 and our policies by clicking below

Thrive Medical Clinic has exhausted our supply of COVID-19 vaccines please check with large retailers such as HEB, CVS, Walgreens or Austin Public Health. 

The Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 (FMLA) is a United States labor law requiring covered employers to provide employees with job-protected and unpaid leave for qualified medical or family circumstances.


FMLA paperwork can be filled out at the doctors discretion if a medical condition may qualify for medical leave. A fee of $25 will be collected before any FMLA paperwork is filled out. This fee is because of the time it takes to review records, fill out all forms, and any follow up forms that may apply.

Sick notes can be provided after visits with the doctor at the doctors discretion.

Patients that have a HMO policy may need referrals for a specialist evaluation.  We we will put the referral to your insurance within 48 hours of a visit but please be patient as it can take up to a week for your insurance to approve.

Spruce is a messaging platform used by our clinic to communicate easily with our patients, nurses, and staff. There is the ability to send or receive generic text messages or ability to download the application for secure (HIPAA compliant) conversations with the clinic. Through spruce we can even invite patients to secure email conversations where documents can be exchanged. 

Spruce is a way to for our patients to reach out to our clinic without having to call our office. Examples of frequent uses of Spruce may include relaying lab results, updating insurance information, changing pharmacies, asking about a bill, or asking the nursing staff basic questions.   

Spruce conversations via text are not meant to take the place of a formal evaluation by your provider. As such, requests to change medication, change dosing of medication, or start a new medication will not be possible via spruce. Patients will be asked to set up a time to discus these requests with their provider.



A nurse working for the doctor will be monitoring all incoming messages.

For those patients where there are prolonged conversations via text where the provider gets involved with a back-and-forth discussion there may be a bill that is submitted to the insurance company. As of January 2021, Medicare and Commercial insurance companies are allowing these conversations as billable encounters. 


As described above, simple questions or the doctor relaying lab results via spruce will not be submitted to insurance companies. Only conversations where there are prolonged back-and-forth discussions are subject to billing that are between a patient and their provider if this were to occur.