Dr. Brad Venghaus


Owner and physician for Thrive Medical Clinic. Dr. Venghaus specializes in Internal Medicine. He previously worked for the Veterans Affairs in a Primary Care and Inpatient setting before moving to Austin in 2016 to practice internal medicine at St. David's hospital. He has been awarded with excellence in primary care in 2016 and an award in 2014 for his humanitarian work by the Bill Clinton Global Initiative. He is accompanied by his wife, Lisa, who completed her PhD in Marriage and Family therapy. They have two children.  Please see CV below for details about education and work experience 


Dr. Venghaus is Board Certified In Internal Medicine





  • Residency and Internship: Baylor College of Medicine 2013-2016
  • Medical School: University of Texas San Antonio School of Medicine 2009-2013
  • Undergraduate: University of Texas at Austin - Microbiology 2004-2008


Previous/Current Positions Held

  • Medical Director: Monte Siesta Rehabilitation Center
  • Hospitalist (Internal Medicine Inpatient Physician) - St. David's Hospital. Austin, TX.
  • Primary Care Clinic at the Veterans Hospital / Houston, TX
  • Internal Medicine Physician - Baylor St. Luke Hospital




  • Excellence in Primary Care, Baylor College Of Medicine: 5/2016
  • Member of Stanzel Foundation Merit Scholarship Committee: 2018
  • Recipient of Bowen-Vogt Exemplary Academic Record Scholarship: 2012
  • Recipient of Dr. Daniel and Helena Saenz Scholarship: 2011




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  • Venghaus B, Agrawal N. The Role of Longitudinal Feedback in Building Sustainable Opportunities for Medical Students to Provide Compassionate Care in Resource-Limited Settings. Oral Presentation, University of New Jersey Medical School Humanism Conference 3/2012 
  • Venghaus B, Mullane M, Young K. The Need for Clean Water in Batey Altagracia. Poster presented at Clinton Global Initiative 3/2011 
  • Venghaus B, Mullane M, Young K. The Impact of Cultural Beliefs on Maternal Health in Haiti: Poster presented at Emory. Atlanta GA 4/2010 
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Thrive Barton springs austin

  • Flying Quad Copters / Drones and taking pictures. All aerial pictures on this website were personally taken and edited by Dr. Venghaus.
  • Attended medical mission trips in the past to Haiti and Dominican Republic
Brad Venghaus, MD